Peter Howe Michigan Enlightens On Business Process Improvement (BPI)


The concept of business process improvement began primarily in the manufacturing industry, however, at present it principles and foundation techniques are applicable for all kinds of business industries. The basic concept of the BPI is to reduce the waste so that the output is maximized while applying the same input. Peter Howe Michigan a business owner from Chicago, who has a lot of experience in the field, believes that every business owner should surely get an understanding of the Business Process Improvement.
Ensuring that the functions of a business are properly carried out is the aim of the BPI and so the starting point of this process involves the step of chalking out the strategic objectives of the business, and creating the business processes in line with those objectives, in order to reach the target customers. The method of BPI does not believe in any kind of small change within the business to achieve ends, instead it believes in radical changes that are beneficial in the long run. This is the reason; often the tern ‘Re-engineering’ is associated with it.
The functions of a business that are under the scrutiny of the BPI include – the basic roles in the business, the leader, the system of management, the manager of operations, the process operator and the process owner. The responsibilities of all these entities within a business are unique and largely responsible for the profitable functioning of any business, but as a team. They all need to work in collaboration to take the business to its desired objectives and goals and hence, it is this area that needs to be rectified at the first instance more than anything else.
Peter Howe Michigan emphasizes that since the world is overtly competitive, every business owner has to put in much more than even they might have thought of in order to merely survive in the corporate world, let alone thrive. So, you can only imagine how much of hard work has to go into planning your business operations correctly so that you are able to reach your goals effectively. He gives certain tips such as –reducing the time of any process on the whole by eliminating the unnecessary or non-value adding steps. He further adds that improving the quality of the output should also be taken into consideration while carrying out your BPI.
The designer of the process who is also the business owner is responsible for showing the way to achieve the objectives that were suggested by the leaders of the business. The process improvement team assists them in this direction and this is how they work as a team.
Any business owner needs to first of all understand the requirements of the customers; this is what gets translated into the metrics of the business which are looked after by the operation managers also known as Key Performance Indicators. All in all what needs to be clearly comprehended here is that the business goals and process need to synchronized in the best possible manner.