General use drills are necessary for drilling holes

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Technology has changed most of the things in our environment today. Recently, it wasn’t possible to carry out your activities far from your electricity source. The good thing is that today you can access cordless drills to work anywhere you want. For this reason, cordless drills are the best tool that you can buy in 2018. They are very reliable tools especially when you are fitting a deck or remodeling your kitchen or taking other furniture tasks. They are also important when assembling furniture and installing fixtures.

Most of the cordless drills today run on Lithium-ion batteries which needs recharging after some time. Li-on batteries deliver more power (also last longer). However, there are several things that you should consider before finalizing your search for the best cordless drill. You should first of all narrow your search based on how you expect to use the drill. What this means is that cordless drills are available in three different categories: Heavy duty, General-Use, and Light Duty.

Heavy-duty drills are made using strong batteries (18-24 volt) which gives them the power to drill large fasteners and also bore holes through large and thick boards. They are also perfect for drilling through bricks or concrete. Consequently, they are the most expensive and they are also very heavy.

General use drills are necessary for drilling holes in wood with relative ease. They run on a 12-volt battery which supplies enough power to drill through wood. On the other hand, Light duty drills are best suited for small jobs around the house. You can use them whenever you are assembling flat-packed furniture, changing a light fixture etc.

Features that Matter when Buying a Cordless Drill

When you are purchasing a cordless drill, there are some of the features that we believe are very important. At this point, we are going to discuss some of these essential features.

Power is the first most important feature. However, the power needs of a cordless drill are determined by the type of tasks you want to perform. The reality of the matter is that 18-volts drills deliver more speed and they are even better than 20-volt drills. Consequently, you need to make up your mind about the amount of power you need before you buy a cordless drill — also the speed of recharging a cordless drill. Some of the brands take up to 5 hours to recharge while others take merely 30 minutes. For this reason, you should go for the brands with the fastest charging system.

Am usually convinced that speed is more important than power when you are drilling holes. However, for driving screws, power is more important. For this reason, you should go for the machine that EXCELS in both the tasks.

If you care about handling a cordless drill, then you should go with the ones that are light-weight — the one that is easy to handle and doesn’t strain you when you are handling it.

Other Features

Several other features of cordless drills are significant. Some of them include a battery life gauge, storage handle, and a trigger activated LED light to illuminate the work area. If you want to learn more about cordless drills, visit Feel free to leave any comment below if you’re still confused about cordless drills, and thanks for reading 🙂