Live the Life of Luxury During Your Stay in London

Real Estate

Live the Life of Luxury During Your Stay in London? It might sound impossible, the domain of oil sheikhs with private jets and suites at the Dorchester, but short lets in London are available that can make it happen. 

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world to stay in, but luxurious apartments are available for short lets in London for the price of a hotel room, taking your stay in London to a whole new level. 

There are lots of website providers who can lease you a place to stay in London. Most are run from places far away, but some like are located in London, employ Londoners, and have extensive local knowledge and insights. 

You can rent a studio, apartment, or even a house for a mini let, a short let, or a long let from just £300 a week. 

There’s nothing hotel like about Draker’s properties. Most are populated around London’s fashionable inner ring, in neighbourhoods like Knightsbridge, Chelsea, and South Kensington. A fully furnished, fully equipped two-bedroom apartment in South Kensington is a perfect option for visiting families and it is a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and the Natural History Museum ( 

When you’ve found the right place to stay in London it is time to make the most of your luxurious base. 

That great kitchen you have in your short-let London accommodation… Use it. London abounds with fantastic providers. Harrods and Harvey Nic’s food halls are destinations in themselves but there are also shops like the Whole Foods Market in Kensington’s High Street, the Ham & Cheese Co in Bermondsey, and Melrose & Morgan in Primrose Hill. The choices are endless but a good place to start is at 

Of course you can’t be cooking all the time. Who come to London for that. Eating out in London is a real treat. The only real hardship is having to make choices. It’s not always about spending huge amounts of money – some of the best Indian in the world is found in obscure London suburbs, but a good place to start is to check out 

London is a perfect city for walking and the public transport is good, but if catching the tube doesn’t sit well with your beautiful short let apartment and gourmet food lifestyle, there’s always Uber. 

Finally, your life of luxury in London needs to finish strongly. If you are leaving on the Eurostar there’s always the Champagne Bar at the Kings Cross for the last hurrah. If you’re departing Heathrow there are some truly great airport lounges there, including United’s new Polaris Lounge and the Qantas First Lounge. Or, at lounge access available from £25. That one last piece of luxury during your stay in London – so important. 

With help from people and some inside knowledge, living the life is luxury during your stay in London can be possible.